Just bring some nibblies…

We are invited to an impromptu dinner at a dear friend’s house tonight and when I asked what I could bring, the answer was ‘bring some nibblies, just whatever you have in the fridge, not too much’.

It’s times like this that I turn to a well-stocked pantry and yes, whatever I have in the fridge and it usually will morph into some kind of antipasto-style grazing platter.

Tonight’s offering is just that, after a lot of jar opening, some slicing and no cooking required! So, we have Persian fetta sprinkled with dukkah, my home made spiced green olives drizzled with EVO, some sun-dried tomatoes, ribbons of jamon serrano, batons of cucumber, circles of provola cheese, red capsicum pesto and baby cornichons, which I should add are very under-rated and always seem to disappear on a platter. I also wrapped a few grissini sticks in some of the jamon to make it look a little more fancy! Pop it all on a Spanish-style platter with tapas bowls and you have a plate of glamorous ‘nibblies’ with very little effort. Enjoy!